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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Future Is Unwritten

Beinghunted just did an interview with James Lavelle and Earn Chen about the Surrender store they opened up in Singapore. Pretty interesting shit. I think The Nosferatu and Tactical Assualt figures Futura has dropped all over the place has really gotten to James' head. Im always a sucker for the new UNKLE releases just for the artwork, but the last one I bought got straight returned cuz I gots played. Sometimes theres more to the music than just the music, but dont get tricked.

Maya's Addiction

Whether you're down with Schematic's Richard Devine or not, you have to go check out his website. I dont know if it falls into the realm of good webdesign, but the the r-selected crew is definatelty straight from the Martian desert. Either that or they're in on some quantum gamma ray type acid down there in Miami. This is where those mid 90's rave flyers have taken us.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Math Blaster

Hurricane bill swept through the east and picked up a crazy case of poison Ivy. But his beats are still on the top of my list. Just him and this cat that plays the flute and the sax. Check em out. Spaceheater no doubt

Mixed Nuts

Ran into Sonny as in Sonny Productions aw yeaher! last night on the way back from Noir. His reppin's gettin lots better with age, but I still think he should stick to the Creol Flow. His boy Kobe came over and got me ready to get my drum programming back in line. I think they were off to the arcade for sum jump off.